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To Our Partners in Clinical Research:

As a research professional, I recognize the expectations you have for clinical trials; you need the highest level of quality research.  You need the cleanest data possible.  You need it quickly.  And you don't want to concern yourself with all the details.

That is why I formed Clinical Trials of Virginia.  As a seven year old, yet strongly experienced study conduct and management organization, we bring pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries a full range of clinical trials and research services.  Within our multidisciplinary, multi-site organization, we are truly focused on our specialty - and your concerns.

Our Principal Investigators are area physicians chosen for their high caliber work, research expertise, project fit, and significant patient base.  Each of our Clinical Research Coordinators has a wealth of expertise and training, and a true respect for the study participant.

Our research sites include carefully selected, well-established private practice clinics which are strategically located throughout the Richmond area.  Greater Richmond has fifteen hospitals and a nationally renowned academic center at the Medical College of Virginia (Virginia Commonwealth University).  As a result, Richmond is a magnet for physicians and healthcare professional of all types.

We are quite practical when it comes to getting the study done.  We only work with Principal Investigators who have the time to execute the study and produce timely documentation driven by your schedule.

Most importantly, we can devote all of our time to your clinical trial, as clinical research is not something we do between treating patients.  It is our one and only concern.  This means we are reachable any time, we conduct trials more quickly, and we make accuracy of all our data the number one priority.

I invite you to find out more about the services that Clinical Trials of Virginia can offer you.  With our expertise and optimal geographic location, we can accommodate clinical trials of any scope.  And you can enjoy responsive research service and site management that have merited praise from our roster of clients.


Elizabeth H. Arnold